Forgiveness is a Remedy

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A remedy is considered to be a treatment for a disease or injury. The unforgiven and unforgotten negative aspects of our life are often viewed by us as injuries. It can therefore be said that true forgiveness has a healing effect on the total self. The amount of energy being used to hold the past injuries is in fact, taking up "space" where there could be Light and love in us. 

Forgiveness is actually a component of Love in its highest form. This well known fact comes from many respected and knowledgeable sources beside the Bible. 
It is a wonderful exercise in "letting go" that frees the total self for much more enlightening and creative pursuits than we might currently have available.
Additionally, it has far reaching effects in our overall holistic life. The grace that is given to us from our Creator when we can see our way to clear up these darker images and energies cannot be measured by earth standards. The soul advances significantly because of this new alignment with the Higher Creative forces of Light.
As each soul advances in awareness there is additional Light available to the whole of humanity.

Perhaps this is an excellent time to have a daily practice of forgiveness; for self's past mistakes as well as forgiveness for those who offended you. In the time leading up to Easter the energies are being built up even in the higher dimensions of Light to celebrate the Resurrection of the spirit. Why not use this to resurrect an aspect of your self?

"Ye Art the Light of the World"

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This was given to us by Jesus and now it is more important than ever to BE the Light. Furthermore, this is now one of the new 10 commandments being given to humanity, according to Dr J.J. Hurtak’s work. The present transformation being accomplished by many individuals, bit by bit, is the new spiritualized world coming into existence.

As we follow that new first commandment, there is an ever increasing immersion in the Greater Light Power or the Ultimate Creative Universal Source of all.

The inner work required of us to stay attuned and “on track” does mean that we allot time each day for prayer and meditation. The joy of reaching within to the Christ consciousness which already exists within each of us is the pearl of great price and the place of pure peace.

If no other New Year’s resolution is kept, let this one constant be in your daily life. This will assure your soul’s progression and be the fulfillment of your contract with the Divine.

Season of Love and Renewal

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And the angel appeared and said "Fear not, I bring you tidings of great joy". How much joy and happiness can we hold that will wash out all fear? As we focus on what we want for ourselves and the world at large, we can be assured that the bright rays of Love and confidence in our Faith, will bring this to us. We continually imprint our thoughts on the energetic field around us which is acted upon by the Universe. The sending and receiving are of like character, so when we celebrate the Divine season with joy and goodwill, it will return as a blessing. 
Spend time especially at the Solstice in prayer and meditation. It is a powerful time of the year to replant the soul with seeds of kindness and hope. Let it grow daily in you and be the Light in the world that everyone needs. Peace to all.

What do you love

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This is a reminder to those who are deepening their understanding of spiritual principles to be discerning of the use of the word "sensitivity". 
This gift is developed from the level of the heart. It includes all that the heart stands for as well as for the Divine feminine principle. 
In astrology,  Venus represents the feminine and I recently learned that it is going through a "retrograde" period.

This is the time to go within self in a quiet environment and seek to understand what you heart wants for you. The mind that chatters so much 
often overrides the whisperings of the heart. 
In discovering the true desire coming from the examination of the heart, you now can discern the creative actions your soul wants to express in this lifetime. 

Through this discovery the joy, satisfaction and richness to the quality of life is expressed even in the ordinary everyday existence. 

Blessings and Peace

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This year I pray that you will include in your routine, an increased awareness of the Divine in your everyday world. It is not a question of spending a lot of time, but one of creating several focused moments throughout the day. Short periods of quiet reflection or prayer or meditation would bring much comfort and inner peace to those who practice this. Think in terms of brightening your day, of creating more strength with which to take on your many challenges. The world call this stress management, but this goes much deeper than that. 

Circle of Light

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Groups such as CCWH , dedicated to the Light and who gather to celebrate and promote Light are making powerful contributions to humanity at this critical juncture of time on earth. 

Appearances can be deceiving. Each individual’s contribution is immensely important, as is each group’s. We have been placed here together because we understand the Higher Law and aligned ourselves with the Universal Love, Power and Wisdom, which guides the development and plan for this universe.

In the Keys of Enoch, we are told “to prepare your consciousness to recognize the appearance of “whole Light Beings” through the gifts of the Holy Spirit for they represent your counterparts in the greater creation.” We are further exhorted to “take upon our physical body, the thought form body of Light which is free and in communion with the Masters of Light.”

By grouping together with this understanding, we form a circle of Light so powerful that it serves as a great protection from outside attacks of negativity.

By staying together, praying together, playing together, creating together and being mutually supportive, we out-picture and reinforce the new thought form being implanted by the greater Light beings for future humanity living in this planetary experience.

Pray for Peace

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Pray for Donald Trump. Our President needs the help that comes from much Higher Dimensions of Light and Understanding.

What you put into motion thru sincere prayer will find its completion through God.

You may or may not have voted for him, that is no longer an issue. The fact that he is the leader of the United States, which is the symbol of freedom throughout the world, is very important. He is also someone who can initiate world peace.  For these reasons, if you have been praying for world peace coming about using peaceful means, here is your opportunity to help.

You cannot afford to sit back and allow the negativity of the world directed at him to be the thought forms encircling him through which he has to function. Light will always overcome the darkness and your prayers to direct the Light to surround him and guide him, will make a difference. The more who join in prayer; the stronger the Light. Congress needs your prayers too. As you lift your heart and mind, you will help to lift theirs as well.

At the human level, we are not in charge of the means by which our prayers are answered. That is always in Higher Hands. Our role is to hold the image of the prayer already answered.

Start your prayer by first going to your own center of inner peace. From that calm elevated level of awareness the picture of peace in the world will be well supported. 

CCWH has weekly Prayers for Peace gatherings every Thursday evening at 7:30pm. Join in where you are. 

On taking the Higher Road

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The last blog focused on the physical world, or what is known as three dimensional existence. The solution to all woes at that level has been known by all down the ages through the teachings of the Masters who walked the earth. You might remember that Jesus taught that the Kingdom is within. This search for the Divine at the core of our own being is that Kingdom. There is no other place where perfect peace resides. Finding God is the actual mission of each soul. 

A brilliant philosopher, Alan Watts, one said that "God sends us into the physical plane and then says; now, go find Me!" The seeking is the journey; the Holy Grail is the discovery. Each lifetime is the same mission but each life has its own unique challenges and adventures along the way. When the soul has lived enough of these adventures, it finds that God was always hidden in plain sight, it just had to develop the eyes with which to see that fact.
The view allowing us to see through the illusion of the world to the reality of existence is cultivated through much prayer and meditation. When faith in the omnipresence of God is realized, accepted and entirely integrated into the self's awareness, the world as it existed before simply changes and along with it all subsequent experiences.

The finding is a process which requires not only knowledge but application of that information in all areas of life.
Fortunately today, millions are finding the secret place of the most High, instead of just the hundreds or thousands in times past. As individuals awaken to this Higher reality, the world comes closer to embracing real peace and understanding.

It is important to help each other on the path -  prayers need to go to those who are struggling to do the right thing in applying the Highest principles in their work. So, give time each day to not only nourish your own spiritual nature, but to also send support on those internal planes, to decision makers in business and government who want the highest good for all people. 
Find God within and you will find that all other good things will be added to you: Peace, Love and Forgiveness.

Everyday thanksgiving

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Let us always give thanks to God for what we have. A grateful attitude has high standing before the Throne of God and it creates a pleasant condition here for the human family. Although the US celebrates one time of the year as Thanksgiving, it would be wise to apply ourselves to the idea of an every day Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is hard to realize that as a spiritual being we have been placed exactly where we are as an act of Great Love for our evolving soul. It is not by accident or by chance that you are who you are today. Soul attainment is measured bit by bit as we progress through life by how we handle it. 

It is this very fact that it should be obvious that the human family is not divided along the lines that we have been erroneously taught. Yes, we have a stratification, but it is not along the lines of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, nor any of the other “popular” divisions placed upon us. Our status is determined by the level of consciousness to which each has attained to the present time. In other words, how does one conduct self in the day-to-day life? Is it along the higher ethical, moral values attributed to your soul’s connection to God?  Are you taking responsibility for your own actions, or do you blame, criticize and judge others for the difficulties in your own life? Do you seek help from more spiritually aware individuals or do you seek out those who are no better off than yourself? 

There is much anger in the world no doubt due to the inner turmoil of the individual who seeks to look outside of self to cast blame The lashing out is not only a sign of being out of control, but also a signal of great fear.

Reactionary states that express as violence are a sign of a much lower level of consciousness than one would expect to see in this era. These states were prevalent in much earlier history because the souls were not as evolved and needed time to integrate spiritual principles into the lived experience. The day of the “eye for an eye” is long gone, but some still cling to it and are simply damaging their own soul in the process.

This is not the time to look for differences in people, but what common ground we all share. This is not to say that we are or should be all the same, that would be boring and impractical, if not impossible. The attributes we have been given by birth are very important to help us through life and achieve our personal goals. This is unique for each. Personality is developed to engage in life so that the goal of the Soul is achieved. The strengths and weakness are to be balanced in such a way that the life lessons are learned accordingly. It would be hoped that in understanding this, each person could see in the other, many of the same common human issues. Perhaps more understanding and compassion would ensue which in turn could create a very different environment.

Let us thank God for the freedom we enjoy in these United States! Let us also ask for continued blessings and protection across all of this great land. 

Dancing in the Light

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iWhat does the title mean to you?
I am here to remind the Light workers of their promise to do just that. Dancing is movement. Light has to move IN and through you in every possible way. It is a positive force for good (God). It is what is necessary to bridge humanity peacefully into the new world which will exhibit higher principles in daily living. Light workers are to be setting that tone now. This is a reminder to regard life as sacred and under God. Rather than casting stones or cursing the darkness, you as an advanced spiritual soul always bless and promote the good. In this way you add to the world bank of positive energy. 

Change is inevitable--it is HOW it is going to happen that will make the difference. What can individuals do? For instance, if you want a healed restored environment, then join a group who has those values and help them achieve this goal. If you want to have the country remain as the standard of freedom, then look to the good that IS here and promote that. Just a reminder to be careful supporting causes that are based in the past. This can potentially be a spiritual minefield because if not handled correctly, it can retard or halt spiritual growth. Make sure that Light is promoted.

Many of us reincarnated as a group to live and do our Light work in this critical time. The larger mission is to help prevent world destruction. Gathering under Swami Sivananda and through Michelle's direction, CCWH is one of these groups. While there are many groups worldwide gathered to do their part, there are also Light souls who are "parked" and not moving, as well as not gathering in the Light group to which they belong.
So, consider this to be a call to belong/return to CCWH to active Light service. 
This is our 40th Anniversary, so come to celebrate and dance with us.  

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