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A Point of View

posted Mar 5, 2016, 11:57 AM by Info -
This year can be a very successful one for those who hold true to the highest spiritual principles which guide us. It was seen that the incoming cosmic energies give us an accelerated path. You will reap more and more quickly what you sow.

Perhaps quantum mechanics might give us an example of this universal spiritual principle. A photon can be seen as either a wave or a particle, depending on how the experimental scientist wants to view it. Is this not an analogy of how people choose to view life? So, this is the take away; "it is all in how you look at it", a popular expression that is true both psychologically as well as spiritually. Where our mind and attention goes is what we give power to.This is potent creative power which shapes your life.

Spiritually, it is important to remember that as a Light soul incarnated at this time on earth, it is imperative that each holds the highest view and value of life possible. The brightness of this attitude will affect those around you. Your placement on the planet is as strategic as ay deployment of specialized troops by any general. You are meant to be a point of Light in a sea of humanity who is seeking the Light.

First be a bearer of Light to yourself. While you must be aware of your weaknesses, you will gain more by focusing on your strengths and God given talents. How do you choose to view yourself? Not by boasting, just honest appraisal.
The smile, the kind word, the thoughtful deed has rescued countless souls throughout time. You may not personally see these results, but your Father in heaven does, and upon that--you gain in grace and evolve in Spirit.