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Circle of Light

posted Jan 11, 2018, 2:39 PM by Info -

Groups such as CCWH , dedicated to the Light and who gather to celebrate and promote Light are making powerful contributions to humanity at this critical juncture of time on earth. 

Appearances can be deceiving. Each individual’s contribution is immensely important, as is each group’s. We have been placed here together because we understand the Higher Law and aligned ourselves with the Universal Love, Power and Wisdom, which guides the development and plan for this universe.

In the Keys of Enoch, we are told “to prepare your consciousness to recognize the appearance of “whole Light Beings” through the gifts of the Holy Spirit for they represent your counterparts in the greater creation.” We are further exhorted to “take upon our physical body, the thought form body of Light which is free and in communion with the Masters of Light.”

By grouping together with this understanding, we form a circle of Light so powerful that it serves as a great protection from outside attacks of negativity.

By staying together, praying together, playing together, creating together and being mutually supportive, we out-picture and reinforce the new thought form being implanted by the greater Light beings for future humanity living in this planetary experience.