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Dancing in the Light

posted Jun 11, 2017, 7:14 AM by Info -
iWhat does the title mean to you?
I am here to remind the Light workers of their promise to do just that. Dancing is movement. Light has to move IN and through you in every possible way. It is a positive force for good (God). It is what is necessary to bridge humanity peacefully into the new world which will exhibit higher principles in daily living. Light workers are to be setting that tone now. This is a reminder to regard life as sacred and under God. Rather than casting stones or cursing the darkness, you as an advanced spiritual soul always bless and promote the good. In this way you add to the world bank of positive energy. 

Change is inevitable--it is HOW it is going to happen that will make the difference. What can individuals do? For instance, if you want a healed restored environment, then join a group who has those values and help them achieve this goal. If you want to have the country remain as the standard of freedom, then look to the good that IS here and promote that. Just a reminder to be careful supporting causes that are based in the past. This can potentially be a spiritual minefield because if not handled correctly, it can retard or halt spiritual growth. Make sure that Light is promoted.

Many of us reincarnated as a group to live and do our Light work in this critical time. The larger mission is to help prevent world destruction. Gathering under Swami Sivananda and through Michelle's direction, CCWH is one of these groups. While there are many groups worldwide gathered to do their part, there are also Light souls who are "parked" and not moving, as well as not gathering in the Light group to which they belong.
So, consider this to be a call to belong/return to CCWH to active Light service. 
This is our 40th Anniversary, so come to celebrate and dance with us.