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Everyday thanksgiving

posted Jul 15, 2017, 4:18 PM by Info -

Let us always give thanks to God for what we have. A grateful attitude has high standing before the Throne of God and it creates a pleasant condition here for the human family. Although the US celebrates one time of the year as Thanksgiving, it would be wise to apply ourselves to the idea of an every day Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is hard to realize that as a spiritual being we have been placed exactly where we are as an act of Great Love for our evolving soul. It is not by accident or by chance that you are who you are today. Soul attainment is measured bit by bit as we progress through life by how we handle it. 

It is this very fact that it should be obvious that the human family is not divided along the lines that we have been erroneously taught. Yes, we have a stratification, but it is not along the lines of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, nor any of the other “popular” divisions placed upon us. Our status is determined by the level of consciousness to which each has attained to the present time. In other words, how does one conduct self in the day-to-day life? Is it along the higher ethical, moral values attributed to your soul’s connection to God?  Are you taking responsibility for your own actions, or do you blame, criticize and judge others for the difficulties in your own life? Do you seek help from more spiritually aware individuals or do you seek out those who are no better off than yourself? 

There is much anger in the world no doubt due to the inner turmoil of the individual who seeks to look outside of self to cast blame The lashing out is not only a sign of being out of control, but also a signal of great fear.

Reactionary states that express as violence are a sign of a much lower level of consciousness than one would expect to see in this era. These states were prevalent in much earlier history because the souls were not as evolved and needed time to integrate spiritual principles into the lived experience. The day of the “eye for an eye” is long gone, but some still cling to it and are simply damaging their own soul in the process.

This is not the time to look for differences in people, but what common ground we all share. This is not to say that we are or should be all the same, that would be boring and impractical, if not impossible. The attributes we have been given by birth are very important to help us through life and achieve our personal goals. This is unique for each. Personality is developed to engage in life so that the goal of the Soul is achieved. The strengths and weakness are to be balanced in such a way that the life lessons are learned accordingly. It would be hoped that in understanding this, each person could see in the other, many of the same common human issues. Perhaps more understanding and compassion would ensue which in turn could create a very different environment.

Let us thank God for the freedom we enjoy in these United States! Let us also ask for continued blessings and protection across all of this great land.