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Forgiveness is a Remedy

posted Mar 10, 2019, 11:50 AM by Info -
A remedy is considered to be a treatment for a disease or injury. The unforgiven and unforgotten negative aspects of our life are often viewed by us as injuries. It can therefore be said that true forgiveness has a healing effect on the total self. The amount of energy being used to hold the past injuries is in fact, taking up "space" where there could be Light and love in us. 

Forgiveness is actually a component of Love in its highest form. This well known fact comes from many respected and knowledgeable sources beside the Bible. 
It is a wonderful exercise in "letting go" that frees the total self for much more enlightening and creative pursuits than we might currently have available.
Additionally, it has far reaching effects in our overall holistic life. The grace that is given to us from our Creator when we can see our way to clear up these darker images and energies cannot be measured by earth standards. The soul advances significantly because of this new alignment with the Higher Creative forces of Light.
As each soul advances in awareness there is additional Light available to the whole of humanity.

Perhaps this is an excellent time to have a daily practice of forgiveness; for self's past mistakes as well as forgiveness for those who offended you. In the time leading up to Easter the energies are being built up even in the higher dimensions of Light to celebrate the Resurrection of the spirit. Why not use this to resurrect an aspect of your self?