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Higher - Lower Balance for Healthy Life

posted Aug 7, 2015, 8:51 AM by Info -

The Higher or Greater Self (soul) within each person, seeks expression in the life of the lower self or personality in its day to day life's journey. All cultures throughout time have developed various spiritual practices to aid humanity in this endeavor. Today we refer to this as the Body-Mind-Spirit connection or "whole person' health.

Those who choose to follow the path of the humanitarian; giving, nurturing, and healing are needed in increasing numbers today because of the countless world-wide who need help. In this work of whole person healing it is important to have a variety of help available on all levels of body-mind-spirit, therefore, each care-giver is aware that cooperation between disciplines and health workers is key.

Clients benefit from a wide selection of methods because individuals are unique in their imbalance and in their needs. So, balancing the body-mind-spirit is the  complex undertaking if true health is to be achieved. There are many factors/influences, which have merged to create the present illness as it is seen. 

Modern medicine is making extraordinary leaps in scientific accomplishments to truly intervene in the physical body’s illnesses, however, as we have indicated, healing is also needed on the unseen self: the mental and spiritual.

In addition, emotions are a powerful factor in the implanting of energies into the physical form. On the detrimental side; anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, greed and all other (like) negative expressions are seen to be a large contributing factor in disease creation.

By cultivating inner peace and harmony, an individual stands a better chance at improved health than one who does not work to this end.

The individual’s search for truth, wisdom, higher values and ideals leads to the “bigger” picture of humanity. It sees the interrelationship of all humans as well as our intimate relation to and dependence on nature.

As each person becomes whole and balanced, by example it aids others to also achieve the same.