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Into the New Year

posted Jan 5, 2017, 6:43 AM by Info -

Happiness is a behavior.

No one else is responsible for your happiness. This is a personal internal condition and is created by being at peace with yourself and holding a positive view of life. Each life is an exciting journey when every day you place in the hands of God and from there, confidently go about doing your very best. You do this by taking your Highest values and standards and apply them in every day life’s interactions.This year may be a challenge for many. The climate has not yet changed to being one of peace and good will to all on the planet, so we can expect to face more challenges.

The next 4 years are pivotal ones as the final stage of redemption plays out. Every child of Light who has been working on their own transformation has been prepared to see this through. So, continue to be vigilant and keep your spirits high.

Remember what you entertain in your mind and heart will become a reality in your world. Do not buy into information that is being thrust upon the public from every direction. There are many “false prophets” and abundant misinformation. Pray and meditate to have discernment. The truth will guide you but it has to come from within. When in doubt send light to cover the situation and wait until you are clear.

Do not get discouraged and do not become fearful. These attitudes will only draw more of what you don’t want into your life.

 When faced with adversity, if you cannot intervene directly, then your positive solution would be to pray and send Light to the situation.

Forty-five years ago I sent my children out the door in a “bubble of Light” and asked them to apply the bubble themselves as well. They still remember that today. 

I recently reminded them it is particularly important to continue that practice from now on. 

Please apply the bubble around yourself everyday. Place it around your loved ones as well. Your intention will create it, even if you can’t visualize it accurately.  Practice sending it out to others who are potentially in danger in their jobs or even just traveling on the crowded roads. 

Send light to the White House and Congress. They need as much as you can generate. The Light will be able to assist them to take a more elevated position on issues and be more open to their own inner promptings of Truth.

Be a conscious Light worker. This is a great force for healing on the planet today.

CCWH is looking for more energy healers. If you live in local area and want to learn that ancient art, you can inquire at