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Love as the Teacher and Healer

posted Apr 14, 2017, 2:23 PM by Info -   [ updated Apr 14, 2017, 2:25 PM ]
In recorded history, the oldest love poem comes to us in a relatively recently found Mesopotamian cuneiform tablet.This was titled "Love song for Shu-Sin" and it is thought to have been written about 2000 BC. Up until then the oldest love poems were considered to be the Song of Songs in Hebrew texts. 

Of course the expression of love goes back to the beginning of all time. From the first creation on, God expresses love ceaselessly. In every new act of creation, the energy of love persists and in fact sustains the creation. Love is the true energy of this universe. In every atom of every cell of everything that exists is the heart of God. Nothing exists otherwise. 

The world would do well to remember that all is in God's hands and that our time here is dependent on that. We have all been given the wonderful opportunity to grow as souls as we make the effort to find God in all things. The urge to find love in our life is really a soul's yearning to unite with the God presence within our own being. 
We are fortunate if we find true love in human relationship with one another. We are even more fortunate to see love around us, even if it does not come back to us in the way or manner in which we expressed it. Chapman's book on " The Five Love Languages" reminds us of that. It seems that Life pairs us with people who have different love expressions. The physically expressive person with someone who is quietly showing their love through acts of service to the other; the one who wants to hear the words out loud paired with the one who brings gifts without expressing any sentiment; etc, etc.  In this way, Love is a great Teacher; seeing the goodness in another who is expressing with quite different behaviors and finding and accepting love where the other one values it. With expanded awareness of the other's needs, it leads us to find something of a higher and finer side within our own self as well as an avenue to improved communication.