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posted Aug 8, 2015, 2:37 PM by Info -

God creates each human being with a purpose. Within each one is a seed of knowing, or an inkling of that purpose. We are individually “wired” in the process of creation to have certain talents to express, which will lead us to that Divine purpose for our lifetime.

In the greater scheme of life each person is one piece of a Great mosaic, which is humanity. In Spirit we are all one, but in the physical we appear to be otherwise to the human mind.  This connectedness is the awareness we are meant to recover.

Encouraging expression of innate talent can often be one avenue through which the individual rises above limitations and creates their personal reality as God intended for the life span. In this way, the individual takes a higher road, which always benefits the soul’s evolvement.

As this type of individual joins with others in spiritually oriented groups, the benefits to self and to the world are enhanced. Like-minded people motivated by higher values, create together a greater intensity of Light in which each one gives and receives equally to create an environment of cooperation.

This could be expressed though the democratic process. In this way all voices are heard, opinions valued and considered. The group only goes forward after voting on the issue at hand. With the proper conditions, a true “group channel” is created, which then can be the vehicle for Higher Will and Higher understanding to be revealed. The Divine plan for each individual in the group would be enabled as well as the group purpose met.

At this time everyone is experiencing the awareness that Peace is our global concern. Peace in the world starts with peace in self. We cannot forget that every thought and feeling radiates out into the world and affects others. Just as ripples in a pool, they create wider and wider circles until the entire pool is affected. Therefore it would be advisable to create within self what you want to see outside self. Prayers and meditations will help with this. 

Here is a short affirmation to consider using:

“I commit myself to the spiritualizing and healing of the planet,

so that those who come after me have greater potential to live in

health, peace and creative opportunity as they become enlightened human beings”

(by Rev M. Lusson) 

Pray often; pray for a healthy peace.

You are invited to join CCWH in our weekly 10:30PM Sunday evening “Prayers for Peace” project.(I believe that praying together at the same time magnifies the call to the heavens