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On taking the Higher Road

posted Jul 16, 2017, 8:44 AM by Info -
The last blog focused on the physical world, or what is known as three dimensional existence. The solution to all woes at that level has been known by all down the ages through the teachings of the Masters who walked the earth. You might remember that Jesus taught that the Kingdom is within. This search for the Divine at the core of our own being is that Kingdom. There is no other place where perfect peace resides. Finding God is the actual mission of each soul. 

A brilliant philosopher, Alan Watts, one said that "God sends us into the physical plane and then says; now, go find Me!" The seeking is the journey; the Holy Grail is the discovery. Each lifetime is the same mission but each life has its own unique challenges and adventures along the way. When the soul has lived enough of these adventures, it finds that God was always hidden in plain sight, it just had to develop the eyes with which to see that fact.
The view allowing us to see through the illusion of the world to the reality of existence is cultivated through much prayer and meditation. When faith in the omnipresence of God is realized, accepted and entirely integrated into the self's awareness, the world as it existed before simply changes and along with it all subsequent experiences.

The finding is a process which requires not only knowledge but application of that information in all areas of life.
Fortunately today, millions are finding the secret place of the most High, instead of just the hundreds or thousands in times past. As individuals awaken to this Higher reality, the world comes closer to embracing real peace and understanding.

It is important to help each other on the path -  prayers need to go to those who are struggling to do the right thing in applying the Highest principles in their work. So, give time each day to not only nourish your own spiritual nature, but to also send support on those internal planes, to decision makers in business and government who want the highest good for all people. 
Find God within and you will find that all other good things will be added to you: Peace, Love and Forgiveness.