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Pray for Peace

posted Dec 19, 2017, 3:29 PM by Info -

Pray for Donald Trump. Our President needs the help that comes from much Higher Dimensions of Light and Understanding.

What you put into motion thru sincere prayer will find its completion through God.

You may or may not have voted for him, that is no longer an issue. The fact that he is the leader of the United States, which is the symbol of freedom throughout the world, is very important. He is also someone who can initiate world peace.  For these reasons, if you have been praying for world peace coming about using peaceful means, here is your opportunity to help.

You cannot afford to sit back and allow the negativity of the world directed at him to be the thought forms encircling him through which he has to function. Light will always overcome the darkness and your prayers to direct the Light to surround him and guide him, will make a difference. The more who join in prayer; the stronger the Light. Congress needs your prayers too. As you lift your heart and mind, you will help to lift theirs as well.

At the human level, we are not in charge of the means by which our prayers are answered. That is always in Higher Hands. Our role is to hold the image of the prayer already answered.

Start your prayer by first going to your own center of inner peace. From that calm elevated level of awareness the picture of peace in the world will be well supported. 

CCWH has weekly Prayers for Peace gatherings every Thursday evening at 7:30pm. Join in where you are.