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Season of Love and Renewal

posted Dec 13, 2018, 11:08 PM by Info -
And the angel appeared and said "Fear not, I bring you tidings of great joy". How much joy and happiness can we hold that will wash out all fear? As we focus on what we want for ourselves and the world at large, we can be assured that the bright rays of Love and confidence in our Faith, will bring this to us. We continually imprint our thoughts on the energetic field around us which is acted upon by the Universe. The sending and receiving are of like character, so when we celebrate the Divine season with joy and goodwill, it will return as a blessing. 
Spend time especially at the Solstice in prayer and meditation. It is a powerful time of the year to replant the soul with seeds of kindness and hope. Let it grow daily in you and be the Light in the world that everyone needs. Peace to all.