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Spring 2017

posted Mar 28, 2017, 9:20 AM by Info -

There were two messages to humanity that have been given over time. They’ve always been the same message. You will note that these were given by Jesus as well as angelic apparitions which would appear to humanity over time: they were: “Peace Be With You” and “Fear Not”.

Why have these messages been constantly needed through thousands of years?

Humanity in the past has tended to have an “eye for an eye” mentality where wrongs, real or at least perceived wrongs, were dealt with by retaliation in like kind. Human history has been filled with wars based on anger, mistrust, resentment and hostility, with violence as the only solution. Periodically peaceful solutions actually had been worked out in the past. Those were the long periods of peace in civilizations where everything flourished. So, it can be concluded that humanity has the capability of creating peace in the world.

 Rev Lusson has always taught that pride, greed and insecurity have been the downfall of every collapsed civilization and nation. It appears but those elements still exist and unfortunately, exist in the present.

The good news is that humanity is on a planned evolution of consciousness.  The plan started to accelerate starting in 1958.  Every soul is - and was -aware of this Great plan at some level of their being. Those who have responded to the promptings of Light from within themselves to actively participate with this evolutionary plan of enlightenment, have been working on this for decades. It was started in advance so that when this current time frame came into being, we would be well prepared to deal with what is going on in the world today.

It is now imperative that you keep this in mind so that thinking and behavior is maintained at the highest standards that you possess, always remembering that every thought imprints not only in the physical body but also on the “etheric web” of the world and is picked up by others. .

 You may have been made aware that new energies have been coming into the earth for the purpose of stimulating humanity to ascend in consciousness out of its third dimensional thinking.  That is to be our spiritual progression. Everyone is required to take this on and the Light workers are the leaders in this movement!

The various media news today is mainly just massive noise which is promoting division, not unity.  It presents the worse of the third dimensional world from its unenlightened un-evolved state. Therefore, as a Light worker instead send prayers out to help the people or situations to heal and to evolve. Prayers are what is needed and if you also understand how to send Light, please do that because that visualization will add to the overall effectiveness.

You have worked to put on the new energy; the higher energy of Light, now, remain clear in it! Go often to prayer and meditation to magnify the Light in you, so that you can remain objective in a world which has gone into an emotionally destructive place. Persistent anger (so prevalent today) is also self-destructive. Science has documented that it has wide spread effect on tissues and organs in the body. In addition to that, it is also known to “hijack” one’s common sense and rational mind. So, a chronic anger response is not healthy – not for the individual and not for the nation. The better response is to promote creative solutions based on fairness and reason. ‘Mindfulness Meditation”, is now promoted by psychologists because it helps to restore better brain function. The practice is, or should be, training the individual to be nonjudgmental. Only from that place can someone make reasoned responses.

 The Light makers today in the world actually possess the superior spiritual frequency. The higher will always dominate the lower because it has more power. Darkness cannot exist at all where there is Light! It is important to not give credence to any of the dark activity. Use your mindfulness technique by being aware of it but not becoming immersed in it emotionally.

As Light workers we can- in our prayers and meditations ask God to go to the souls of the puppeteers or manipulators of people and demand that they cease and desist their dark activities which are creating the unrest, the hate, the violence. Ask that the lower personality be infused with the light of new understanding and love.

Everyone is responsible for their own behavior, and if you also want to help another person or group to behave tin a more aware, more sensitive and more reasonable way, it is your privilege to aid them through your prayers, meditations and modeling the better behavior.

Just as a healer must hold the image of perfect health for an ill person, so must you hold the image of higher function for the people whom you believe to be flawed or making bad decisions. Remember, when you “trash” another, you know very well that you are then contributing to magnifying their current condition as it is. In that event, you are not operating as a Light worker anymore.

I say that because our family as well as our nation need to have unity and a united front. There are so many positive ways to be an agent of change for the better. I urge you to use the power of imagery, prayer, and meditation to create within yourself the vision of the desired outcome and the desired future. 

In all ways, be the future!