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posted Jul 30, 2016, 11:57 AM by Info -

The events in recent months have created an increasing undertone of fear in many people. These horrific random events have only added to an already present subconscious alarm over survival generated by nuclear threats. So now the question is what can you as an individual do?

            To calm the world - or to change it, one always begins with self. By taking personal responsibility for your own thoughts and subsequent behaviors (eliminating excessive emotional reactions) starts a chain of events leading you in the direction of peace and harmony.

            After all, who are you but a spiritual being currently inhabiting a physical form? The human state is a temporary experience designed for your soul’s evolution. You, as a spiritual being, continue on. When we are in Spirit, we all recognize that we are governed by Universal Laws. When in physical form one may forget that fact, nevertheless we are all still under those laws.

            The Law of Love is the one Universal law from which all others stem.  This entire universe was founded on love and all lessons experienced here are in one form or another about that, whether it is evident or not.

            One of those spiritual laws of note is that of cause and effect. It refers to what you personally set in motion through your thinking and feeling. Thoughts create the individual’s reality. As the old adage says, “as you think, so you become”- or as you think and believe, so it is. Like energy attracts like energy in the spiritual, therefore, fearful thinking will result in bringing in the very thing you fear.

            Lifting your thoughts to God’s grace and mercy along with prayer, affirmations and meditations will create an environment within you raising you to experience something of your finer nature. Then what you subsequently emit to anyone around you is powerfully positive and will more often than not result in similar responses as well as being a very protective spiritual shield.

            A Pollyanna view is not being promoted here. To begin with, think in terms of appreciating and thanking God for what you have and stop complaining about (aka cursing) what you don’t have. The locus of your attention will attract whatever you emphasize in your mind.  Repetitive focusing on a subject or theme will make it more and more powerful. As Dr Lawlis says in his books: “the synapses in the brain (at that point) begin to re-form into either negative or positive circles of thinking”.

            You will not have complete control over all circumstances in your life because you co-inhabit the world with others.  However, much of your experience with them will improve when you take charge of what you do have control over- which of course is you!

From a spiritual or metaphysical point of view nothing is truly outside of self, it just appears to be. We coalesce circumstances through our thinking and precipitate the end result through our feeling.

            Mind is the builder but to manifest anything quickly, the energy of the heart or feeling level is required.

            Emotions and feeling are not altogether one and the same. Pure feeling of love, gratitude, and the like are from the heart and soul level.  That level also provides us feelings related to danger for our self-protection. Emotions, on the other hand, are mainly knee-jerk reactions stimulated by a basic belief.  A basic belief of an individual is rarely questioned as to its veracity. The persistent thoughts that built it are eventually held as absolute truth, even if built on hearsay or purely emotional input rather than proven facts.

Emotions do have a place because they are very useful for the information you can gain about yourself when you experience them. Learning to take the energy created by the emotion and redirect it into a positive, appropriate direction (as needed) is a skill we all need to learn.

From my studies, I understand that an earth life is valued by souls for the ability to experience the feeling levels that exist here. It is enriching when positive and a tough lesson when it is not. 

The world is unique for the souls entering because it also allows free will. In other words we have choices to make. We can choose what thoughts to entertain, what feelings to acknowledge, what self-control to exert when emotions are triggered, which words to convey and what creative pursuits to employ.  All of this is personal creativity by which you build a world of your choosing. When another individual is involved in your world, agreements have to be made to accommodate both worlds. These relationships are very important to personal growth. Flexibility and expanded thinking are learned through such mutual cooperation. Otherwise rigidity will create huge barriers to our evolution in spirit.

In this three-dimensional world the choices appear to be just an “either-or”. The creative person knows this is not true and follows an “aikido” model – there is a third choice. Here the creative instincts inherent in every human come into play. As long as the third choice is in line with higher ethical and moral standards and does not negatively impact another individual, you can go forward. Remembering always that you draw back to yourself everything you energize. It may not come back in the exact form you sent out, but it will have the same vibration or energy value.

Earlier civilizations were under these same “rules’ and each exhibited their own read on compliance with the Higher laws. Our Native American cultural expression is a perfect example of all other indigenous peoples throughout the world. They all understand the human’s relationship to the natural world and able to see God in all things.

In summary: you are a creation of a Universal Force known to us as God and have a responsibility to be true to this God force which exists within. You have been given free will and are to learn to use this wisely. You are by nature, creative, and are to use this gift as you find it within yourself. The expression of this will involve your Divine Mission - the reason for your creation and presence on the planet.

We are not alone in this journey here. There are those in Spirit with us always to guide and assist us. Our fellow human beings are part of this as well. As we help each other, we really do help ourselves in the process. In this way, we can remember that we are all one in Spirit while seeming to be diverse individuals in the human state.