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Peace for our time

posted Apr 9, 2015, 6:11 PM by Info -   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 6:14 PM ]

Forgiveness is the virtue that needs to be cultivated in order for individuals to move ahead to a better future. As masses of people all over the world develop this as a new way to express self, then there is the possibility of world peace. Peace after all is a state of being which has action components to implement. Forgiveness is one of the prime ingredients, but not the only one.

Many have heard of the expression, “mind is the builder” which was often quoted by Edgar Cayce. In other words, that which we think, we become. Mind creates the viewpoint, the belief system on which everything is based. 

To think of your world and the people in it as good and to see life as fair will be a good start to putting self into a world where that is the atmosphere you create around you. It is also a loving place. Developing this as a daily strategy will gradually replace old "programming" of years of incorrect judgements of others and of self. 

When taking responsibility for what we think, we not only move ahead spiritually but it also gives us options not previously available to us. So, thinking well of self and looking at the good in another, helps us to view life optimistically and (finally) realize that God is the actual Power. This builds greater faith for the future. In doing this, the ground work for forgiveness is laid which can then be expressed as a firm truth, rather that just a shallow expression, or a reluctant nod or handshake. Peace can come to us personally and for all globally once forgiveness is the measure of the day.