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posted Dec 1, 2016, 2:55 PM by Info -   [ updated Dec 1, 2016, 2:57 PM ]

“It is the time to walk consciously in the Christ light that is now penetrating deeply into the earth and all in it—until it is focused at the very heart of the earth at the Winter Solstice. It reaches its climax on Dec 24th when jubilant hosts chant the midnight birth of a new sun. When observed spiritually, the earth is immersed in a rainbow of color and a symphony of sound”. * (Heleni)

Christ consciousness is always about love, giving and sharing.  It is seeking to regenerate you at this time. A higher level of love is to be manifested within yourself as well as outside of it. True love sees the good and takes great joy in service.

You honor yourself and your personal connection to God by making a firm commitment to actively participate in life by sharing your innate talents, as well as introducing your highest values in every interaction. Don’t withhold yourself from expressing the good within. This is actually love in action.

Another way to express a higher form of love is to discover the joy of self-discipline through meditation, prayer and perhaps one of the Eastern disciplines of movement (Tai Chi, Chi Quong, etc) 

In this way you learn to keep your temperament even in expression. Too many people are irrationally reactive and do not give enough thought before they act.

As we learn to try to see another’s point of view, or to “walk a  (virtual) mile in their shoes”, it broadens our understanding of life. You may still not agree, but it encourages constructive criticism, which can lead to a mutually agreeable solution.

 Be of service to others. When you find a way to help and you offer it with love, it creates joy all around and is never a burden. Remember that love is kind, patient, understanding and forgiving. Love refreshes- it does not tire you out- the world does that. 

See that you live your ideals and manifest them in every way. So, as the Charity Affirmation says:  “I pledge my actions, my desires and my thoughts on the physical plane of the earth, to honor, to love and to enlighten all that is a reflection of the Divine outside of myself so that my perfection is imaged back to my Creator”. *

May you be blessed many times over in this Season of the Christ.

Have a Holy Christmas and an abundant spiritual life in the New Year!

 *The Three Healers affirmations of Faith, Hope and Charity are found on this web site.