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What do you love

posted Oct 22, 2018, 9:55 PM by Info -
This is a reminder to those who are deepening their understanding of spiritual principles to be discerning of the use of the word "sensitivity". 
This gift is developed from the level of the heart. It includes all that the heart stands for as well as for the Divine feminine principle. 
In astrology,  Venus represents the feminine and I recently learned that it is going through a "retrograde" period.

This is the time to go within self in a quiet environment and seek to understand what you heart wants for you. The mind that chatters so much 
often overrides the whisperings of the heart. 
In discovering the true desire coming from the examination of the heart, you now can discern the creative actions your soul wants to express in this lifetime. 

Through this discovery the joy, satisfaction and richness to the quality of life is expressed even in the ordinary everyday existence.