Our Mission

The Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (CCWH) is a nondenominational fellowship with the stated mission to foster expanded spiritual growth and development without dogma or prejudice. Founded in 1977, CCWH serves the cause of divine light by offering worship services, opportunities to receive healing, and teaching for integrating spiritual principles into daily living.

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Message From Our Founder

In Memorium

Wilma Donald, minister in CCWH and loving friend to all, we miss you dearly. The angels came to reclaim you to that heavenly realm and we do not deny you that because all who knew you recognized that Light in you. It must have been a very small step from where you were on earth into that realm because you lived so close to it while here. Your loving kindnesses have set a standard of goodness which we all admire and hope to emulate. We are grateful that you chose to be with us.

With love from your spiritual family!

Whatever Comes

Perhaps you remember the phrase from an older song:

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love, that’s the only thing there is just too little of”

It might be of use to know that this tiny corner of the universe, our own solar system, was built on the Universal substance of love by its Creator. View More >>

Passing Time

To a child a few weeks seem long. To an adult a few years seem long. To an elder decades seem short. To God decades are seconds. To Him eternity is every moment. Be patient with yourself; Think like God. Adapted from Celtic Praise by Robert Van De Weyer.

--Rev. Kelly Wilk View More >>


Who Am I? And Why And I Here?

Prayer for Peace

Understanding Chakras

The Difference Between Feelings and Emotions