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The Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (CCWH) is a nondenominational fellowship with the stated mission to foster expanded spiritual growth and development without dogma or prejudice. Founded in 1977, CCWH serves the cause of divine light by offering worship services, opportunities to receive healing, and teaching for integrating spiritual principles into daily living.

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  • Alignment with your higher self is a process created by you through education and applied discipline, so that you can achieve your soul's creative plan for this lifetime. If you have studied any of the arts of spiritual healing and would like to inquire about our healers group, contact info@ccwh.com to learn more.
  • Ministry programs will begin soon, to learn more click here >>

Passing Time

To a child a few weeks seem long. To an adult a few years seem long. To an elder decades seem short. To God decades are seconds. To Him eternity is every moment. Be patient with yourself; Think like God. Adapted from Celtic Praise by Robert Van De Weyer.

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The Lamp is Low in Washington, D.C.

There is not enough powerful light energy to push out the darkness in the White House and in Congress. I implore your understanding of the Divine Law to help correct this.

You understand that only the positive.....More >>


Prayer for Peace

Understanding Chakras

The Difference Between Feelings and Emotions

Who Am I? And Why And I Here?