Our Mission

The Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (CCWH) is a nondenominational spiritual community with a mission to foster expanded spiritual growth and development without dogma or prejudice. Founded in 1977, CCWH serves the cause of divine light by offering worship services, opportunities to receive healing, and teaching for integrating spiritual principles into daily living.

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Message From Our Founder

Time for Antoning, Redeeming and Transformation

Are we helping the world change for the better by taking care of our own "house"? Each person today must take personal responsibility for their own mental and emotional clearing and realignment with a higher purpose for their own life. This prepares us to truly help another in these most difficult times.

As an ancient prayer says: “Divine Creator, blessed art Thou, Lord, as lion and judge, who breaks the power of his enemies, protects the gateways of ascension and activates those who are not consumed in darkness but have the strength to work in the Living Light of God within”.

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Integrated Wellness

Whether an established energy healer or novice, we welcome you to join our holistic healing group. We believe that each of us can create joy, comfort, and healing for self and others by the understanding of the oneness with all. To learn how contact info@ccwh.com

Healing a Divided Nation

“Protect our nation and guide us to see clearly the path to take which will lead to the renewal and restoration of the original intent designed for the Constitution of the United States”

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Natural Health

Understanding Chakras

The Difference Between Feelings and Emotions

Who Am I? And Why And I Here?