Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing

Our Mission

The Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (CCWH) is a nondenominational fellowship with the stated mission to foster expanded spiritual growth and development without dogma or prejudice. Founded in 1977, CCWH serves the cause of divine light by offering worship services, opportunities to receive healing, and teaching for integrating spiritual principles into daily living.


Congratulations to Dr. Reynaldo Morales whose article "Proliferation-Resistant Nuclear Systems" is being published in the book; India and Global Nuclear Governance.

Join us at 7:00 PM on selected Fridays for Chapel Service at the Reston Community Center. See our event calendar for exact dates.

At this time on our planet humanity is going through a great change and spiritual awakening. CCWH is here to help individuals consciously participate and become involved in the healing and transformation of themselves and the planet.

Upcoming Events

Forgiveness Is a Remedy

A remedy is considered to be a treatment for a disease or injury. The unforgiven and unforgotten negative aspects of our life are often viewed by us as injuries. It can therefore be said that true forgiveness has a healing effect on the total self. The amount of energy being used to hold the past injuries is in fact, taking up "space" where there could be Light and love in us. View More >>

Triple Blessing

May we create with beauty all that it is our honor to love.

May we sustain with faith all that it is our duty to protect.

May we release with peace all that no longer serves us. View More >>