CCWH Affirmations

Channeled by our founder Rev. Michelle Lusson, these affirmations can assist in achieving spiritual, physical, and mental balance.

Faith Affirmation

I believe in the spiritual existence of myself as a perfect image of the divine Creator. In this reflection that is my physical embodiment, I have faith in the supreme guidance of my soul for my balance, my needs, and my opportunities. Outside of myself there are also perfect images, and nothing can delude my thinking otherwise.

Hope Affirmation

Acknowledging my faith in the omnipresence of my divinity, I hope for realization, awareness, and acknowledgement of the existence of the great I AM within myself.

Charity Affirmation

In understanding faith, in knowing hope, I pledge my actions, my desires, and my thoughts to the performances of myself on the physical planes of the Earth, to honor, to love, and to enlighten all that is a reflection of the divine outside myself, so that my perfection is imaged back to my creator. So help me God.

Affirmation for Centering

Every pattern of my being is perfect.

Every cell of my flesh is perfect.

Every thought of my mind is in tune with the perfection of my Creator.

That that is of an illusionary nature can not live, dwell or exist within my being.

For I wish oneness with my divine right to exist.


Affirmation for Sending Healing to Another

Father-Mother Creator, Universal Spirit:

I acknowledge your capability to be the light and power for healing _____________ in need.

Your light is the creative force of life.

Your love is the creative bonding of that force, and your action, the healing itself.

I place now I your light and love, myself as a physical instrument to bring health to ______________ according to your design.

I further acknowledge that through Faith, healing comes from You;

through Hope, it is manifested; and through Charity,

the negativity that created the condition is permanently removed.

Let this affirmation of absentee healing be permanent without reversal,

so that the benevolence of your power be so manifested.


Affirmation for the Healing of the Planet

Father-Mother God:

As our universal Creator, we address our needs to your Omnipresence,

willing the power from above be utilized below

with purity of intent and positivity of results. 

We place into your light the trials, the tribulations and the discords

of our planetary system.

For too long have we interfered with the kingdoms of nature,

not understanding the cooperating principles with them and within ourselves.

We ask that you guide the re-alignment of our actions in rightful

performances for the healing of these kingdoms,

so they may continue in the manner that they were designed to exist.

Affirming that natural planetary evolution is of your design,

we willingly accept the responsibility to put our thoughts and actions

into positive, creative endeavors for the Earth's healing and continuance.


Affirmation for Group Success

Father-Mother God, Creative Source of all life,

Recognizing our oneness in spirit

yet our separateness in flesh, 

we ask for your guidance and your aid in our group creative process.

Let us respond according to your spiritual attributes,

cooperating, respecting, trusting and sharing 

with one another, for our productive performance

so that we may see in each other the workings 

of your light and your love personified.

We acknowledge

that the result of the efforts we put into our work

will be those that express your spiritual Will-in action

and that our product manifests our highest ideal.