Pastor's Corner

From a reading by Rev. Michelle Lusson in 2007

So it is that a spiritual blueprint is built into each lifetime and it is for us to discover how to align with our soul in order to meet that which we have come to learn.


The previous 49 years has shown how awakening and awareness was often forced by certain events that triggered individuals of light within themselves to initiate change.

 The blueprints for changes were already patterned into the souls of change­ agents, butthey had to rise to the calling and most know now that after the year 2008, changes beyond their control will come into the earth as a result of previous actions and reactions on the part of many. Preview patterns show that there will be both a quickening of the negative as well as the positive happening in the physical.

Remembering God's Promise

Through your prayers and meditations, God's Light surround you.

There is not enough powerful Light energy to push out the darkness in the White House and in Congress. I implore your understanding of the Divine Law to help correct this. 

You understand that only the positive lifting effect of the Light can do this work. 

If you have any element of anger, resentment or condemnation, release it in favor of the Higher work of Spirit. Light never battles with darkness; it supplants it by being so abundant and so brilliant that there is no possibility of shadow activity at all. 

There are those of Light in government who need your prayers and positive thoughts of accomplishing their job. Any negative thoughts or feelings sent out to DC, just has an additive effect and feeds that dark energy instead of ridding it.

Find in your mind and heart the truth of this and begin your own campaign to let Higher Truth and Freedom reign again on the planet. 

You may want to join us on our weekly 15 minute “Prayers for Peace” phone conference. This helps us aligned in our mission to bring transformation to ourselves, each other and the planet.

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In Memorium

Wilma Donald, minister in CCWH and loving friend to all, we miss you dearly. The angels came to reclaim you to that heavenly realm and we do not deny you that because all who knew you recognized that Light in you. It must have been a very small step from where you were on earth into that realm because you lived so close to it while here. Your loving kindnesses have set a standard of goodness which we all admire and hope to emulate. We are grateful that you chose to be with us. 

With love from your spiritual family!


Screening influences from outside self is very important. the spiritual activity of staying in a place of centeredness withfrequent affirmations will maintain the balance. 

In addiiton, it is vitally important to have discernement, which is the gift of Spirit that allows the individual to sort out the truth from the false; the good from the evil.

In order for the Gift to manifest, it requires a conscious daily effort and a firm intention to acquire this ability.

It is often said tht we need to see a problem from a higher vantqge point in order to ge the whole picture. One cannot get caught up in the fray, because to do so, lowers one's ability to hav ethe insight needed.

It ahs become apparent that many have lowered their sight by falling asleep to the Higher principles of the Divine Law. Even those well on the spiritual path can become complacent in their understanding and  daily maintenance of balance and possibly become too self-involved and so, are only half awake.

A more practical applicaiton of spiritual principkes is needed in order to realize the fullness of yur newfound awareness. It is not sufficient to only parrot the words of wisdom, but to shiw in every way possible how a life of applied Divine principles plays out.

Inother words you need a spiritual action plan in your life.

The need now is to take up the cause of helping one another; thereby giving your service to humanity. Â One plan might include being an example of true compassion; of intuitive understanding of what another needs.

I believe it is also important to exhibit the sensitivity coming from Spirit and NOT a knee-jerk reation of emotional otbursts, which is only the tainted and often flawed beliefs or preconceived ideas we hold.

Prayer For The United States

Almighty Creator of All:

We give thanks for our bountiful life living in freedom! You have surrounded us with 

Light and Love from on High and we are eternally grateful.

We ask that you continue to guide us and protect us as we go forth to accomplish 

our spiritual mission, which was given to us for this lifetime.


We give thanks for our health and prosperity and for the loving relationships we enjoy.

Bless those around us and around the world who are in need of upliftment, encouragement and guidance, so that they can see their own spiritual path clearly and can then willingly join the Light workers in their peacemaking efforts.


We ask that all peacemakers are given your highest protection and guidance so they can create a new loving world under Divine Law in accordance with Your Will.


We ask that the Holy Spirit descend now into willing minds and hearts of people everywhere. May they be confirmed with the gifts of patience, fortitude, knowledge, wisdom and understanding and endowed with generosity of Spirit which guides the loving heart. 


Raise up all of us in our day-to-day tasks ensuring that our measure of Light is sent out into the world in Joy and Praise!

Bring hope to those who are faltering and afraid. Look after the children of the world so that they might experience the Divine Plan in action.

Bless those who are the comforters, healers and teachers to others.

Protect our nation and guide us to see clearly the path to take which will lead to the renewal and restoration of the originalintent for the Constitution of the United States of America.


Open the minds and hearts now of the people of the United States to see the Highest purpose and design for this country so that they will be able to acknowledge the great blessing bestowed on them from Spirit that they are privileged to be here in the United States to follow their spiritual plan.

Let the collective positive energy gather momentum and lift us into a new and finer world.

Let the collective positive energy of each family surround those who are struggling and lift them into the fold of the Christ Consciousness.      AMEN                                                                           Rev Mary Huber, pastor, CCWH

Perhaps you remember the phrase from an older song:

       "What the world needs now is love, sweet love, that’s the only thing there is just too little of” 

It might be of use to know that this tiny corner of the universe, our own solar system, was built on the Universal substance of love by its Creator. That Great Love also built the earth and all in and on it. We too, are no less conceived. 

One could then come to the conclusion that Love is the Universal substance that must be activated to restore and renew all that has gone astray over the millennium.  

Our individual awareness varies in regard to who we are and what life is all about but the desire to be our best or put our best foot forward is a common element within most people. 


Individually we go through many daily challenges in life which test our “mettle” but which also provide opportunities to input into the fabric of our existence a positive and meaningful imprint.

Those who have opened to the call of their soul to be more consciously aware of Spirit in self and others have gone through an “awakening process”. This has occurred in many ways and is entirely unique to the individual. 

The ideal method of both initiating as well as maintaining this new awareness is through meditation and prayer. Reading books by those who are more enlightened and attending lectures by such people are other ways to grow in Spirit and Grace. 

However, just awareness or mental appreciation of the content of lectures or classes is not enough. The application of spiritual principles to each thought, expression and deed is the follow through that creates balance and makes everything good and blessed. The happiness that ensues is the natural outcome of this. The modern expression of this is to “walk the talk”.


So, going back to the first premise, yes, Love is the positive affirmation of life and the answer to everything- but, in this order: first, love of God (our creator, soul), then love of self (appreciation of our God given talents and acceptance of the life we have been given) and  then, love for others. In understanding love as the real building principle of life, the unity or oneness of all life on the planet will be truly recognized and will transform and make all things new. 

           "What the world needs now is love, sweet love, No, not just for some, but for everyone"

Forgiveness Is a Remedy -- March 10, 2019

A remedy is considered to be a treatment for a disease or injury. The unforgiven and unforgotten negative aspects of our life are often viewed by us as injuries. It can therefore be said that true forgiveness has a healing effect on the total self. The amount of energy being used to hold the past injuries is in fact, taking up "space" where there could be Light and love in us. 

Forgiveness is actually a component of Love in its highest form. This well known fact comes from many respected and knowledgeable sources beside the Bible. 

It is a wonderful exercise in "letting go" that frees the total self for much more enlightening and creative pursuits than we might currently have available.

Additionally, it has far reaching effects in our overall holistic life. The grace that is given to us from our Creator when we can see our way to clear up these darker images and energies cannot be measured by earth standards. The soul advances significantly because of this new alignment with the Higher Creative forces of Light.

As each soul advances in awareness there is additional Light available to the whole of humanity.

Perhaps this is an excellent time to have a daily practice of forgiveness; for self's past mistakes as well as forgiveness for those who offended you. In the time leading up to Easter the energies are being built up even in the higher dimensions of Light to celebrate the Resurrection of the spirit. Why not use this to resurrect an aspect of your self?

"Ye Art the Light of the World" -- Jan 1, 2019

This was given to us by Jesus and now it is more important than ever to BE the Light. Furthermore, this is now one of the new 10 commandments being given to humanity, according to Dr J.J. Hurtak’s work. The present transformation being accomplished by many individuals, bit by bit, is the new spiritualized world coming into existence.

As we follow that new first commandment, there is an ever increasing immersion in the Greater Light Power or the Ultimate Creative Universal Source of all.

The inner work required of us to stay attuned and “on track” does mean that we allot time each day for prayer and meditation. The joy of reaching within to the Christ consciousness which already exists within each of us is the pearl of great price and the place of pure peace.

If no other New Year’s resolution is kept, let this one constant be in your daily life. This will assure your soul’s progression and be the fulfillment of your contract with the Divine.

Season of Love and Renewal -- Dec 14, 2018

And the angel appeared and said "Fear not, I bring you tidings of great joy". How much joy and happiness can we hold that will wash out all fear? As we focus on what we want for ourselves and the world at large, we can be assured that the bright rays of Love and confidence in our Faith, will bring this to us. We continually imprint our thoughts on the energetic field around us which is acted upon by the Universe. The sending and receiving are of like character, so when we celebrate the Divine season with joy and goodwill, it will return as a blessing. 

Spend time especially at the Solstice in prayer and meditation. It is a powerful time of the year to replant the soul with seeds of kindness and hope. Let it grow daily in you and be the Light in the world that everyone needs. Peace to all.

What Do You Love? -- Oct 23, 2018

This is a reminder to those who are deepening their understanding of spiritual principles to be discerning of the use of the word "sensitivity". 

This gift is developed from the level of the heart. It includes all that the heart stands for as well as for the Divine feminine principle. 

In astrology,  Venus represents the feminine and I recently learned that it is going through a "retrograde" period.

This is the time to go within self in a quiet environment and seek to understand what you heart wants for you. The mind that chatters so much 

often overrides the whisperings of the heart. 

In discovering the true desire coming from the examination of the heart, you now can discern the creative actions your soul wants to express in this lifetime. 

Through this discovery the joy, satisfaction and richness to the quality of life is expressed even in the ordinary everyday existence. 

Blessings and Peace -- Apr 20, 2018

This year I pray that you will include in your routine, an increased awareness of the Divine in your everyday world. It is not a question of spending a lot of time, but one of creating several focused moments throughout the day. Short periods of quiet reflection or prayer or meditation would bring much comfort and inner peace to those who practice this. Think in terms of brightening your day, of creating more strength with which to take on your many challenges. The world call this stress management, but this goes much deeper than that. 

Circle of Light -- Jan 11, 2018

Groups such as CCWH , dedicated to the Light and who gather to celebrate and promote Light are making powerful contributions to humanity at this critical juncture of time on earth. 

Appearances can be deceiving. Each individual’s contribution is immensely important, as is each group’s. We have been placed here together because we understand the Higher Law and aligned ourselves with the Universal Love, Power and Wisdom, which guides the development and plan for this universe.

In the Keys of Enoch, we are told “to prepare your consciousness to recognize the appearance of “whole Light Beings” through the gifts of the Holy Spirit for they represent your counterparts in the greater creation.” We are further exhorted to “take upon our physical body, the thought form body of Light which is free and in communion with the Masters of Light.”

By grouping together with this understanding, we form a circle of Light so powerful that it serves as a great protection from outside attacks of negativity.

By staying together, praying together, playing together, creating together and being mutually supportive, we out-picture and reinforce the new thought form being implanted by the greater Light beings for future humanity living in this planetary experience.

Pray for Peace -- Dec 19, 2017

Pray for Donald Trump. Our President needs the help that comes from much Higher Dimensions of Light and Understanding.

What you put into motion thru sincere prayer will find its completion through God.

You may or may not have voted for him, that is no longer an issue. The fact that he is the leader of the United States, which is the symbol of freedom throughout the world, is very important. He is also someone who can initiate world peace.  For these reasons, if you have been praying for world peace coming about using peaceful means, here is your opportunity to help.

You cannot afford to sit back and allow the negativity of the world directed at him to be the thought forms encircling him through which he has to function. Light will always overcome the darkness and your prayers to direct the Light to surround him and guide him, will make a difference. The more who join in prayer; the stronger the Light. Congress needs your prayers too. As you lift your heart and mind, you will help to lift theirs as well.

At the human level, we are not in charge of the means by which our prayers are answered. That is always in Higher Hands. Our role is to hold the image of the prayer already answered.

Start your prayer by first going to your own center of inner peace. From that calm elevated level of awareness the picture of peace in the world will be well supported. 

CCWH has weekly Prayers for Peace gatherings every Thursday evening at 7:30pm. Join in where you are.