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The Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (CCWH) is a nondenominational spiritual community with a mission to foster expanded spiritual growth and development without dogma or prejudice. Founded in 1977, CCWH serves the cause of divine light by offering worship services, opportunities to receive healing, and teaching for integrating spiritual principles into daily living.

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Chapel: Post Election Reflections

As we come upon the 2020 election event, many lightworkers are turning to channels, prophets, astrologers and pollsters in an effort to predict which candidate or party will come out on top, and which ones will lose. This year, signs point to increased spending by both parties not only to influence voter choices, but in some cases to suppress or prevent them. Moreover, exposed illegal efforts and violent protests have also left voters wondering what has happened to America's political integrity and why? And what does the pandemic, the Cosmic Shift, or the Ascension Reboot have to do with it? Tune in to our interview with Rev. Gloria Cousar for some spiritual light on these and related questions.

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Integrated Wellness

Whether an established energy healer or novice, we welcome you to join our holistic healing group. We believe that each of us can create joy, comfort, and healing for self and others by the understanding of the oneness with all. To learn how contact info@ccwh.com

Healing a Divided Nation

“Protect our nation and guide us to see clearly the path to take which will lead to the renewal and restoration of the original intent designed for the Constitution of the United States”

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The Difference Between Feelings and Emotions

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