CCWH Ministers

Rev. Mary Huber

Mary Huber is a Registered nurse, currently retired, with a Masters degree in Health Counseling. She was ordained in 1991 by Rev Michelle Lusson. She is a gifted healer, teacher and a channel for Spirit. She has an extensive background in medical/nursing allied sciences as well as metaphysics. She has contributed to nursing and medical journals while working as a clinical research nurse. She counseled and taught meditation, imagery, relaxation and other approved natural health measures while working in the clinical setting. She has served as pastor of the Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing since 2014.

Mary’s life mission is to aid individuals to wholistic wellness and become at one with their own divinity within. Her own inner journey is rich with knowledge and experience. She shares this understanding through teaching meditation, imagery, dreams, symbols, as well as a variety of healing techniques to aid in the balance of body and spirit. Mary can be reached for individual spiritual counseling at:

Rev. Gloria Cousar

Ordination: Dec. 1980 by the American Metaphysical Society (currently operating as the Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing, Inc.) and officiated by Rev. Michelle Lusson in Reston, Va.

Registrations: Circuit Court of Fairfax -Commonwealth of Virginia; Superior Court/Marriage Bureau-District of Columbia; University of Metaphysics/University of Sedona-Arizona

As a minister, I am trained and anointed in the practice of spiritual healing, pastoral counseling, and metaphysical teaching. My mundane experience is a synthesis of problem-solving with underserved multicultural communities, with a focus on improving personal safety, balance and stability. My spiritual work includes prayer and meditation, but may also incorporate astrology, palmistry dowsing, and various forms of divination. I am also a practitioner of REIKI, Creative Wellness, Architonics, Biogenesis and other healing methods involving spiritual physics. I have come to believe that learning and practicing self-responsibility is a necessary condition of walking a more spiritual path, for souls of all ages, myself included. CCWH has given me an opportunity to share with and empower others as I have been so blessed.

Rev. Elizabeth Good

Rev. Elizabeth Good is an editor and a Reiki practitioner. She has been part of CCWH for many years and secretary of the BOD.  She was ordained in 2009 by Rev Michelle Lusson.

Rev. Annette Warden

Ordained in 2009 with CCWH, Rev. Annette is also a board member and treasurer.

Retiring from the IT industry, she now concentrates on the art of stress-release and wholistic healing with the assistance of her healing angels and spirit guides.  She works with both people and pets, especially the elderly and those transitioning into spirit.    

She has trained in various mind, body and spirit healing modalities such as master level Reiki, meditation, light-touch reflexology, energy recognition, aromatherapy, automatic writing, connecting with angels and spirit guides, spirit detachment, dowsing, sound and crystal healing, and Hawaiian healing methods using Ho’oponopono Kanaloa Tradition, Hula Mana, and the ancient practice of Lomi Lomi.

Rev. Kelly Wilk

Kelly Wilk was ordained by CCWH in 2009. She graduated from Dartmouth College and also studied at New College Divinity School in Scotland. Rev. Wilk is a Reiki Master and intuitive, and feels at home working with the Elements and crystals. She has also practiced folk magic since childhood, and has been described as, “quirky.” Feel free to reach out to her at, or come attend a CCWH Healers’ Meeting one Tuesday evening. She would be honored to meet you.

Rev. Brenda McGrath

Rev. Brenda McGrath was ordained by CCWH founding Pastor, Rev. Michelle Lusson on Dec. 12,  1996.  Her ministry is Healing, receiving her Reiki I certification from John Harvey Gray, then Reiki II and Master Certifications from Rev. Wilma Donald.  Brenda has supported CCWH’s Prayers for Peace Ministry since 2017 hosting weekly prayers and meditations virtually each Thursday with a dedicated team of Peace Prayer Warriors! She is also a member of the Board of Directors for CCWH, FCSC, and ‘The Feed, Inc., a homeless ministry in San Diego. She holds a Masters degree in Education and Bachelor’s degree in IT. She is a certified professional Coach and Consultant, as well as a Pastoral Counselor.  Her passion is meditation and helping her homeless friends with showers, meals, social services and meeting their medical and behavioral health needs each Tuesday. She aspires to conduct research using biofeedback to reach meditative states to access collective consciousness.

Rev. Ellen Labgold

In addition to being a minister with CCWH, Ellen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Reiki Master Teacher. She has several years of experience in working with individuals and families who are dealing with a variety of challenges including serious mental and physical illnesses, loss, grief, and life transitions.

Rev. Sandra Mayo

Sandra Mayo is a gifted healer. For 60 years she has been counseling and educating a world-wide clientele on astrological patterns and their impacts/potentials. She is adept at many metaphysical practices and tools, using them when guided to do so. In addition to astrology, these tools include the ancient wisdom of the I Ching, Huna, divining methods, meditation, and psychic guidance. Sandra has worked extensively with groups and at conferences, teaching these same practices and principles to others so that they have the knowledge to grow and develop on their own. In addition to all the wondrous help given to others for the asking, Sandra continues through her own inner journey, understanding at all times, that she is to grow and develop modestly, according to the Cosmic Principles. Sandra recognizes the goodness in all people and is loyal to inner truth. These are the basic principles that guide her work with individuals and groups.

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