Pastor's Corner

On Taking the Higher Road -- Jul 16, 2017

The last blog focused on the physical world, or what is known as three dimensional existence. The solution to all woes at that level has been known by all down the ages through the teachings of the Masters who walked the earth. You might remember that Jesus taught that the Kingdom is within. This search for the Divine at the core of our own being is that Kingdom. There is no other place where perfect peace resides. Finding God is the actual mission of each soul.

A brilliant philosopher, Alan Watts, one said that "God sends us into the physical plane and then says; now, go find Me!" The seeking is the journey; the Holy Grail is the discovery. Each lifetime is the same mission but each life has its own unique challenges and adventures along the way. When the soul has lived enough of these adventures, it finds that God was always hidden in plain sight, it just had to develop the eyes with which to see that fact.

The view allowing us to see through the illusion of the world to the reality of existence is cultivated through much prayer and meditation. When faith in the omnipresence of God is realized, accepted and entirely integrated into the self's awareness, the world as it existed before simply changes and along with it all subsequent experiences.

The finding is a process which requires not only knowledge but application of that information in all areas of life.

Fortunately today, millions are finding the secret place of the most High, instead of just the hundreds or thousands in times past. As individuals awaken to this Higher reality, the world comes closer to embracing real peace and understanding.

It is important to help each other on the path - prayers need to go to those who are struggling to do the right thing in applying the Highest principles in their work. So, give time each day to not only nourish your own spiritual nature, but to also send support on those internal planes, to decision makers in business and government who want the highest good for all people.

Find God within and you will find that all other good things will be added to you: Peace, Love and Forgiveness.

Everyday Thanksgiving -- Jul 15, 2017

Let us always give thanks to God for what we have. A grateful attitude has high standing before the Throne of God and it creates a pleasant condition here for the human family. Although the US celebrates one time of the year as Thanksgiving, it would be wise to apply ourselves to the idea of an every day Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is hard to realize that as a spiritual being we have been placed exactly where we are as an act of Great Love for our evolving soul. It is not by accident or by chance that you are who you are today. Soul attainment is measured bit by bit as we progress through life by how we handle it.

It is this very fact that it should be obvious that the human family is not divided along the lines that we have been erroneously taught. Yes, we have a stratification, but it is not along the lines of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, nor any of the other “popular” divisions placed upon us. Our status is determined by the level of consciousness to which each has attained to the present time. In other words, how does one conduct self in the day-to-day life? Is it along the higher ethical, moral values attributed to your soul’s connection to God? Are you taking responsibility for your own actions, or do you blame, criticize and judge others for the difficulties in your own life? Do you seek help from more spiritually aware individuals or do you seek out those who are no better off than yourself?

There is much anger in the world no doubt due to the inner turmoil of the individual who seeks to look outside of self to cast blame The lashing out is not only a sign of being out of control, but also a signal of great fear.

Reactionary states that express as violence are a sign of a much lower level of consciousness than one would expect to see in this era. These states were prevalent in much earlier history because the souls were not as evolved and needed time to integrate spiritual principles into the lived experience. The day of the “eye for an eye” is long gone, but some still cling to it and are simply damaging their own soul in the process.

This is not the time to look for differences in people, but what common ground we all share. This is not to say that we are or should be all the same, that would be boring and impractical, if not impossible. The attributes we have been given by birth are very important to help us through life and achieve our personal goals. This is unique for each. Personality is developed to engage in life so that the goal of the Soul is achieved. The strengths and weakness are to be balanced in such a way that the life lessons are learned accordingly. It would be hoped that in understanding this, each person could see in the other, many of the same common human issues. Perhaps more understanding and compassion would ensue which in turn could create a very different environment.

Let us thank God for the freedom we enjoy in these United States! Let us also ask for continued blessings and protection across all of this great land.

Dancing in the Light -- Jun 11, 2017

What does the title mean to you?

I am here to remind the Light workers of their promise to do just that. Dancing is movement. Light has to move IN and through you in every possible way. It is a positive force for good (God). It is what is necessary to bridge humanity peacefully into the new world which will exhibit higher principles in daily living. Light workers are to be setting that tone now. This is a reminder to regard life as sacred and under God. Rather than casting stones or cursing the darkness, you as an advanced spiritual soul always bless and promote the good. In this way you add to the world bank of positive energy.

Change is inevitable--it is HOW it is going to happen that will make the difference. What can individuals do? For instance, if you want a healed restored environment, then join a group who has those values and help them achieve this goal. If you want to have the country remain as the standard of freedom, then look to the good that IS here and promote that. Just a reminder to be careful supporting causes that are based in the past. This can potentially be a spiritual minefield because if not handled correctly, it can retard or halt spiritual growth. Make sure that Light is promoted.

Many of us reincarnated as a group to live and do our Light work in this critical time. The larger mission is to help prevent world destruction. Gathering under Swami Sivananda and through Michelle's direction, CCWH is one of these groups. While there are many groups worldwide gathered to do their part, there are also Light souls who are "parked" and not moving, as well as not gathering in the Light group to which they belong.

So, consider this to be a call to belong/return to CCWH to active Light service.

This is our 40th Anniversary, so come to celebrate and dance with us.

Love as the Teacher and Healer -- Apr 14, 2017

In recorded history, the oldest love poem comes to us in a relatively recently found Mesopotamian cuneiform tablet. This was titled "Love song for Shu-Sin" and it is thought to have been written about 2000 BC. Up until then the oldest love poems were considered to be the Song of Songs in Hebrew texts.

Of course the expression of love goes back to the beginning of all time. From the first creation on, God expresses love ceaselessly. In every new act of creation, the energy of love persists and in fact sustains the creation. Love is the true energy of this universe. In every atom of every cell of everything that exists is the heart of God. Nothing exists otherwise.

The world would do well to remember that all is in God's hands and that our time here is dependent on that. We have all been given the wonderful opportunity to grow as souls as we make the effort to find God in all things. The urge to find love in our life is really a soul's yearning to unite with the God presence within our own being.

We are fortunate if we find true love in human relationship with one another. We are even more fortunate to see love around us, even if it does not come back to us in the way or manner in which we expressed it. Chapman's book on " The Five Love Languages" reminds us of that. It seems that Life pairs us with people who have different love expressions. The physically expressive person with someone who is quietly showing their love through acts of service to the other; the one who wants to hear the words out loud paired with the one who brings gifts without expressing any sentiment; etc, etc. In this way, Love is a great Teacher; seeing the goodness in another who is expressing with quite different behaviors and finding and accepting love where the other one values it. With expanded awareness of the other's needs, it leads us to find something of a higher and finer side within our own self as well as an avenue to improved communication.

Spring 2017 -- Mar 28, 2017

There were two messages to humanity that have been given over time. They’ve always been the same message. You will note that these were given by Jesus as well as angelic apparitions which would appear to humanity over time: they were: “Peace Be With You” and “Fear Not”.

Why have these messages been constantly needed through thousands of years?

Humanity in the past has tended to have an “eye for an eye” mentality where wrongs, real or at least perceived wrongs, were dealt with by retaliation in like kind. Human history has been filled with wars based on anger, mistrust, resentment and hostility, with violence as the only solution. Periodically peaceful solutions actually had been worked out in the past. Those were the long periods of peace in civilizations where everything flourished. So, it can be concluded that humanity has the capability of creating peace in the world.

Rev Lusson has always taught that pride, greed and insecurity have been the downfall of every collapsed civilization and nation. It appears but those elements still exist and unfortunately, exist in the present.

The good news is that humanity is on a planned evolution of consciousness. The plan started to accelerate starting in 1958. Every soul is - and was -aware of this Great plan at some level of their being. Those who have responded to the promptings of Light from within themselves to actively participate with this evolutionary plan of enlightenment, have been working on this for decades. It was started in advance so that when this current time frame came into being, we would be well prepared to deal with what is going on in the world today.

It is now imperative that you keep this in mind so that thinking and behavior is maintained at the highest standards that you possess, always remembering that every thought imprints not only in the physical body but also on the “etheric web” of the world and is picked up by others. .

You may have been made aware that new energies have been coming into the earth for the purpose of stimulating humanity to ascend in consciousness out of its third dimensional thinking. That is to be our spiritual progression. Everyone is required to take this on and the Light workers are the leaders in this movement!

The various media news today is mainly just massive noise which is promoting division, not unity. It presents the worse of the third dimensional world from its unenlightened un-evolved state. Therefore, as a Light worker instead send prayers out to help the people or situations to heal and to evolve. Prayers are what is needed and if you also understand how to send Light, please do that because that visualization will add to the overall effectiveness.

You have worked to put on the new energy; the higher energy of Light, now, remain clear in it! Go often to prayer and meditation to magnify the Light in you, so that you can remain objective in a world which has gone into an emotionally destructive place. Persistent anger (so prevalent today) is also self-destructive. Science has documented that it has wide spread effect on tissues and organs in the body. In addition to that, it is also known to “hijack” one’s common sense and rational mind. So, a chronic anger response is not healthy – not for the individual and not for the nation. The better response is to promote creative solutions based on fairness and reason. ‘Mindfulness Meditation”, is now promoted by psychologists because it helps to restore better brain function. The practice is, or should be, training the individual to be nonjudgmental. Only from that place can someone make reasoned responses.

The Light makers today in the world actually possess the superior spiritual frequency. The higher will always dominate the lower because it has more power. Darkness cannot exist at all where there is Light! It is important to not give credence to any of the dark activity. Use your mindfulness technique by being aware of it but not becoming immersed in it emotionally.

As Light workers we can- in our prayers and meditations ask God to go to the souls of the puppeteers or manipulators of people and demand that they cease and desist their dark activities which are creating the unrest, the hate, the violence. Ask that the lower personality be infused with the light of new understanding and love.

Everyone is responsible for their own behavior, and if you also want to help another person or group to behave tin a more aware, more sensitive and more reasonable way, it is your privilege to aid them through your prayers, meditations and modeling the better behavior.

Just as a healer must hold the image of perfect health for an ill person, so must you hold the image of higher function for the people whom you believe to be flawed or making bad decisions. Remember, when you “trash” another, you know very well that you are then contributing to magnifying their current condition as it is. In that event, you are not operating as a Light worker anymore.

I say that because our family as well as our nation need to have unity and a united front. There are so many positive ways to be an agent of change for the better. I urge you to use the power of imagery, prayer, and meditation to create within yourself the vision of the desired outcome and the desired future.

In all ways, be the future!

Into the New Year -- Jan 5, 2017

Happiness is a behavior.

No one else is responsible for your happiness. This is a personal internal condition and is created by being at peace with yourself and holding a positive view of life. Each life is an exciting journey when every day you place in the hands of God and from there, confidently go about doing your very best. You do this by taking your Highest values and standards and apply them in every day life’s interactions.This year may be a challenge for many. The climate has not yet changed to being one of peace and good will to all on the planet, so we can expect to face more challenges.

The next 4 years are pivotal ones as the final stage of redemption plays out. Every child of Light who has been working on their own transformation has been prepared to see this through. So, continue to be vigilant and keep your spirits high.

Remember what you entertain in your mind and heart will become a reality in your world. Do not buy into information that is being thrust upon the public from every direction. There are many “false prophets” and abundant misinformation. Pray and meditate to have discernment. The truth will guide you but it has to come from within. When in doubt send light to cover the situation and wait until you are clear.

Do not get discouraged and do not become fearful. These attitudes will only draw more of what you don’t want into your life.

When faced with adversity, if you cannot intervene directly, then your positive solution would be to pray and send Light to the situation.

Forty-five years ago I sent my children out the door in a “bubble of Light” and asked them to apply the bubble themselves as well. They still remember that today.

I recently reminded them it is particularly important to continue that practice from now on.

Please apply the bubble around yourself everyday. Place it around your loved ones as well. Your intention will create it, even if you can’t visualize it accurately. Practice sending it out to others who are potentially in danger in their jobs or even just traveling on the crowded roads.

Send light to the White House and Congress. They need as much as you can generate. The Light will be able to assist them to take a more elevated position on issues and be more open to their own inner promptings of Truth.

Be a conscious Light worker. This is a great force for healing on the planet today.

CCWH is looking for more energy healers. If you live in local area and want to learn that ancient art, you can inquire at

Christmas -- Dec 1, 2016

“It is the time to walk consciously in the Christ light that is now penetrating deeply into the earth and all in it—until it is focused at the very heart of the earth at the Winter Solstice. It reaches its climax on Dec 24th when jubilant hosts chant the midnight birth of a new sun. When observed spiritually, the earth is immersed in a rainbow of color and a symphony of sound”. * (Heleni)

Christ consciousness is always about love, giving and sharing. It is seeking to regenerate you at this time. A higher level of love is to be manifested within yourself as well as outside of it. True love sees the good and takes great joy in service.

You honor yourself and your personal connection to God by making a firm commitment to actively participate in life by sharing your innate talents, as well as introducing your highest values in every interaction. Don’t withhold yourself from expressing the good within. This is actually love in action.

Another way to express a higher form of love is to discover the joy of self-discipline through meditation, prayer and perhaps one of the Eastern disciplines of movement (Tai Chi, Chi Quong, etc)

In this way you learn to keep your temperament even in expression. Too many people are irrationally reactive and do not give enough thought before they act.

As we learn to try to see another’s point of view, or to “walk a (virtual) mile in their shoes”, it broadens our understanding of life. You may still not agree, but it encourages constructive criticism, which can lead to a mutually agreeable solution.

Be of service to others. When you find a way to help and you offer it with love, it creates joy all around and is never a burden. Remember that love is kind, patient, understanding and forgiving. Love refreshes- it does not tire you out- the world does that.

See that you live your ideals and manifest them in every way. So, as the Charity Affirmation says: “I pledge my actions, my desires and my thoughts on the physical plane of the earth, to honor, to love and to enlighten all that is a reflection of the Divine outside of myself so that my perfection is imaged back to my Creator”. *

May you be blessed many times over in this Season of the Christ.

Have a Holy Christmas and an abundant spiritual life in the New Year!

*The Three Healers affirmations of Faith, Hope and Charity are found on this web site.

Today -- Jul 30, 2016

The events in recent months have created an increasing undertone of fear in many people. These horrific random events have only added to an already present subconscious alarm over survival generated by nuclear threats. So now the question is what can you as an individual do?

To calm the world - or to change it, one always begins with self. By taking personal responsibility for your own thoughts and subsequent behaviors (eliminating excessive emotional reactions) starts a chain of events leading you in the direction of peace and harmony.

After all, who are you but a spiritual being currently inhabiting a physical form? The human state is a temporary experience designed for your soul’s evolution. You, as a spiritual being, continue on. When we are in Spirit, we all recognize that we are governed by Universal Laws. When in physical form one may forget that fact, nevertheless we are all still under those laws.

The Law of Love is the one Universal law from which all others stem. This entire universe was founded on love and all lessons experienced here are in one form or another about that, whether it is evident or not.

One of those spiritual laws of note is that of cause and effect. It refers to what you personally set in motion through your thinking and feeling. Thoughts create the individual’s reality. As the old adage says, “as you think, so you become”- or as you think and believe, so it is. Like energy attracts like energy in the spiritual, therefore, fearful thinking will result in bringing in the very thing you fear.

Lifting your thoughts to God’s grace and mercy along with prayer, affirmations and meditations will create an environment within you raising you to experience something of your finer nature. Then what you subsequently emit to anyone around you is powerfully positive and will more often than not result in similar responses as well as being a very protective spiritual shield.

A Pollyanna view is not being promoted here. To begin with, think in terms of appreciating and thanking God for what you have and stop complaining about (aka cursing) what you don’t have. The locus of your attention will attract whatever you emphasize in your mind. Repetitive focusing on a subject or theme will make it more and more powerful. As Dr Lawlis says in his books: “the synapses in the brain (at that point) begin to re-form into either negative or positive circles of thinking”.

You will not have complete control over all circumstances in your life because you co-inhabit the world with others. However, much of your experience with them will improve when you take charge of what you do have control over- which of course is you!

From a spiritual or metaphysical point of view nothing is truly outside of self, it just appears to be. We coalesce circumstances through our thinking and precipitate the end result through our feeling.

Mind is the builder but to manifest anything quickly, the energy of the heart or feeling level is required.

Emotions and feeling are not altogether one and the same. Pure feeling of love, gratitude, and the like are from the heart and soul level. That level also provides us feelings related to danger for our self-protection. Emotions, on the other hand, are mainly knee-jerk reactions stimulated by a basic belief. A basic belief of an individual is rarely questioned as to its veracity. The persistent thoughts that built it are eventually held as absolute truth, even if built on hearsay or purely emotional input rather than proven facts.

Emotions do have a place because they are very useful for the information you can gain about yourself when you experience them. Learning to take the energy created by the emotion and redirect it into a positive, appropriate direction (as needed) is a skill we all need to learn.

From my studies, I understand that an earth life is valued by souls for the ability to experience the feeling levels that exist here. It is enriching when positive and a tough lesson when it is not.

The world is unique for the souls entering because it also allows free will. In other words we have choices to make. We can choose what thoughts to entertain, what feelings to acknowledge, what self-control to exert when emotions are triggered, which words to convey and what creative pursuits to employ. All of this is personal creativity by which you build a world of your choosing. When another individual is involved in your world, agreements have to be made to accommodate both worlds. These relationships are very important to personal growth. Flexibility and expanded thinking are learned through such mutual cooperation. Otherwise rigidity will create huge barriers to our evolution in spirit.

In this three-dimensional world the choices appear to be just an “either-or”. The creative person knows this is not true and follows an “aikido” model – there is a third choice. Here the creative instincts inherent in every human come into play. As long as the third choice is in line with higher ethical and moral standards and does not negatively impact another individual, you can go forward. Remembering always that you draw back to yourself everything you energize. It may not come back in the exact form you sent out, but it will have the same vibration or energy value.

Earlier civilizations were under these same “rules’ and each exhibited their own read on compliance with the Higher laws. Our Native American cultural expression is a perfect example of all other indigenous peoples throughout the world. They all understand the human’s relationship to the natural world and able to see God in all things.

In summary: you are a creation of a Universal Force known to us as God and have a responsibility to be true to this God force which exists within. You have been given free will and are to learn to use this wisely. You are by nature, creative, and are to use this gift as you find it within yourself. The expression of this will involve your Divine Mission - the reason for your creation and presence on the planet.

We are not alone in this journey here. There are those in Spirit with us always to guide and assist us. Our fellow human beings are part of this as well. As we help each other, we really do help ourselves in the process. In this way, we can remember that we are all one in Spirit while seeming to be diverse individuals in the human state.

A Point of View -- Mar 5, 2016

This year can be a very successful one for those who hold true to the highest spiritual principles which guide us. It was seen that the incoming cosmic energies give us an accelerated path. You will reap more and more quickly what you sow.

Perhaps quantum mechanics might give us an example of this universal spiritual principle. A photon can be seen as either a wave or a particle, depending on how the experimental scientist wants to view it. Is this not an analogy of how people choose to view life? So, this is the take away; "it is all in how you look at it", a popular expression that is true both psychologically as well as spiritually. Where our mind and attention goes is what we give power to.This is potent creative power which shapes your life.

Spiritually, it is important to remember that as a Light soul incarnated at this time on earth, it is imperative that each holds the highest view and value of life possible. The brightness of this attitude will affect those around you. Your placement on the planet is as strategic as ay deployment of specialized troops by any general. You are meant to be a point of Light in a sea of humanity who is seeking the Light.

First be a bearer of Light to yourself. While you must be aware of your weaknesses, you will gain more by focusing on your strengths and God given talents. How do you choose to view yourself? Not by boasting, just honest appraisal.

The smile, the kind word, the thoughtful deed has rescued countless souls throughout time. You may not personally see these results, but your Father in heaven does, and upon that--you gain in grace and evolve in Spirit.

A Blessed Christmas -- Dec 20, 2015

With this joyous Season, it is easier to lift one's heart and mind to God and have hope for a brighter future. If this is not so for you, then take the time to pray, meditate and refocus. Jesus' life was the example of a human's ability to overcome the troubles and strife of the world. The world he was born into was filled with turmoil, greed, jealousy and grief. He stayed within His highest consciousness and resisted the downward pull of circumstances.

So, keep your own viewpoint high and look for the good that does exist in the world. Remember that what you focus on is enlarged and more of the same is drawn into your world.Joy begets more joy, love begets more of the same, etc, etc.

The message from our founder, Rev Lusson: "O come all ye faithful, come let us adore Him is the message of Christmas. Christ has come, the redemption has happened and now personal transformation is the message for each and every child of Light".

We pray that the will to good is energized in each person so that peace can come and our children may live in a transformed world. Amen.