Pastor's Corner

The Power of the Individual -- Oct 7, 2015

We as individuals are very much like single cells operating within a body. The healthy balanced cell exudes chemicals to powerfully affect it's environment, and along with other healthy cells creates a healthy organism. We always exude into our environment thoughts of wholeness or its opposite. We do influence each other.

When spiritual people through their prayers and actions call for the greater peace in the world, Spirit does respond. Spirit always waits on your call and acts accordingly. It is your will-to-good which then becomes a powerful healing force for humanity.

Just remember that your own inner peace is the key to set this in motion. Discard anger, resentment and blame which is pulling down the world. After all, what is harbored (expressed or not) will always come back to the sender. Have Faith in the God expression within (your soul) to guide you and keep you in all ways. Then have Faith in yourself and respond to the promptings of Spirit to creatively express yourself in life. When you have this, you will then be able to share with another from the fullness of your being.

Oneness -- Aug 8, 2015

God creates each human being with a purpose. Within each one is a seed of knowing, or an inkling of that purpose. We are individually “wired” in the process of creation to have certain talents to express, which will lead us to that Divine purpose for our lifetime.

In the greater scheme of life each person is one piece of a Great mosaic, which is humanity. In Spirit we are all one, but in the physical we appear to be otherwise to the human mind. This connectedness is the awareness we are meant to recover.

Encouraging expression of innate talent can often be one avenue through which the individual rises above limitations and creates their personal reality as God intended for the life span. In this way, the individual takes a higher road, which always benefits the soul’s evolvement.

As this type of individual joins with others in spiritually oriented groups, the benefits to self and to the world are enhanced. Like-minded people motivated by higher values, create together a greater intensity of Light in which each one gives and receives equally to create an environment of cooperation.

This could be expressed though the democratic process. In this way all voices are heard, opinions valued and considered. The group only goes forward after voting on the issue at hand. With the proper conditions, a true “group channel” is created, which then can be the vehicle for Higher Will and Higher understanding to be revealed. The Divine plan for each individual in the group would be enabled as well as the group purpose met.

At this time everyone is experiencing the awareness that Peace is our global concern. Peace in the world starts with peace in self. We cannot forget that every thought and feeling radiates out into the world and affects others. Just as ripples in a pool, they create wider and wider circles until the entire pool is affected. Therefore it would be advisable to create within self what you want to see outside self. Prayers and meditations will help with this.

Here is a short affirmation to consider using:

“I commit myself to the spiritualizing and healing of the planet,

so that those who come after me have greater potential to live in

health, peace and creative opportunity as they become enlightened human beings”

(by Rev M. Lusson)

Pray often; pray for a healthy peace.

You are invited to join CCWH in our weekly 10:30PM Sunday evening “Prayers for Peace” project. I believe that praying together at the same time magnifies the call to the heavens.

Higher-Lower Balance for a Healthy Life -- Aug 7, 2015

The Higher or Greater Self (soul) within each person, seeks expression in the life of the lower self or personality in its day to day life's journey. All cultures throughout time have developed various spiritual practices to aid humanity in this endeavor. Today we refer to this as the Body-Mind-Spirit connection or "whole person' health.

Those who choose to follow the path of the humanitarian; giving, nurturing, and healing are needed in increasing numbers today because of the countless world-wide who need help. In this work of whole person healing it is important to have a variety of help available on all levels of body-mind-spirit, therefore, each care-giver is aware that cooperation between disciplines and health workers is key.

Clients benefit from a wide selection of methods because individuals are unique in their imbalance and in their needs. So, balancing the body-mind-spirit is the complex undertaking if true health is to be achieved. There are many factors/influences, which have merged to create the present illness as it is seen.

Modern medicine is making extraordinary leaps in scientific accomplishments to truly intervene in the physical body’s illnesses, however, as we have indicated, healing is also needed on the unseen self: the mental and spiritual.

In addition, emotions are a powerful factor in the implanting of energies into the physical form. On the detrimental side; anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, greed and all other (like) negative expressions are seen to be a large contributing factor in disease creation.

By cultivating inner peace and harmony, an individual stands a better chance at improved health than one who does not work to this end.

The individual’s search for truth, wisdom, higher values and ideals leads to the “bigger” picture of humanity. It sees the interrelationship of all humans as well as our intimate relation to and dependence on nature.

As each person becomes whole and balanced, by example it aids others to also achieve the same.

Peace for Our Time -- Apr 10, 2015

Forgiveness is the virtue that needs to be cultivated in order for individuals to move ahead to a better future. As masses of people all over the world develop this as a new way to express self, then there is the possibility of world peace. Peace after all is a state of being which has action components to implement. Forgiveness is one of the prime ingredients, but not the only one.

Many have heard of the expression, “mind is the builder” which was often quoted by Edgar Cayce. In other words, that which we think, we become. Mind creates the viewpoint, the belief system on which everything is based.

To think of your world and the people in it as good and to see life as fair will be a good start to putting self into a world where that is the atmosphere you create around you. It is also a loving place. Developing this as a daily strategy will gradually replace old "programming" of years of incorrect judgements of others and of self.

When taking responsibility for what we think, we not only move ahead spiritually but it also gives us options not previously available to us. So, thinking well of self and looking at the good in another, helps us to view life optimistically and (finally) realize that God is the actual Power. This builds greater faith for the future. In doing this, the ground work for forgiveness is laid which can then be expressed as a firm truth, rather that just a shallow expression, or a reluctant nod or handshake. Peace can come to us personally and for all globally once forgiveness is the measure of the day.

Three Healers -- Oct 30, 2014

Each soul before embodiment selects its mission for the lifetime. The larger objective for every soul is to advance in spiritual understanding and express this as a way of life on this planet.

This is best accomplished by having peace and good will in thinking and feeling. Because of the world situation today, this can be a challenge for most.

I refer you to see the section on the "Three Healers" affirmations. These express that you have faith and hope and then "dedicate yourself to honor, love and enlighten all that is a reflection of the Divine outside of self". This is also good psychology in that you choose to reward good behavior by giving it your attention and recognition. What you see as "the reflection of the Divine" will be a matter for you to discern. Remember that the Divine nature always uplifts, heals, loves and inspires. Existing problems are created by the unenlightened mind's view of reality.

All life is One. Honor God, honor self, honor others and honor the environment and all that comprises it. Jesus has asked us to "help ye one another". With all of the fear that exists in the world, it is important to be one who holds and embodies the faith, hope and love that are the healers of all adversity. If we do this, it is indeed helping one another.

Angels and Archangels -- Jul 6, 2014

Over the next few months, a useful exercise would be to practice some imagery and meditation in which you might become more familiar with your angels, your guides who stand by you in the unseen world. These spirits will assist you in all situations when you call upon them. Angels and Archangels are powerful in their own right and are assigned to help us on the earthly plane to overcome obstacles and become closer to God in all ways. They cannot do the job directly for us but they do strengthen us and give us some resources which might not otherwise be available. Changing into a more spiritually expressing individual is a day to day evolution. As we become more loving, more peaceful and more balanced in body, mind and spirit, we become more effective and definitely happier.

Spring 2014 -- Apr 27, 2014

You may have heard about the "shift in consciousness" which is due to new spiritual energies coming into earth. Although these began entering last year, very soon there will be a new and much larger surge. These energies will elevate the frequencies (or vibrations) of the individual who is ready to receive them. By living at a higher frequency, the world as one knows it dramatically changes for the better.

However, not every person is prepared for this influx. It takes effort and perseverance to be ready by aligning oneself with the Higher Spiritual laws governing all on this planet. The individual who makes the needed internal changes, becomes a greater Light and understands the true meaning of Faith, Hope and Love and lives accordingly.

Life is always about Higher - Lower balance, hence the motto: "As Above, So Below." How can we help each other to succeed? This is our question and should be yours at this point. At present, CCWH is undergoing a renewal in focus and direction which fits with the new energies.

Creating a New Year -- Jan 1, 2014

Transformation: the beginning of a new phase in humanity’s journey to bring in peace, harmony and goodwill to all. Over a very long period of time, humanity had to go through the processes of atonement and redemption. We are now entering the third and final phase, that of transformation. The message this year is to take more personal responsibility for self’s actions, thoughts and deeds, making sure they are in alignment with the highest ethical principals ever taught on this planet.

As we accomplish this within ourselves, by example, it will aid others in their efforts to make positive changes.

Our New Web Site -- Oct 27, 2013

We hope you enjoy this new way to communicate with us. Our organization is growing by leaps and bounds and we invite your participation and input. Our membership meeting is coming up and even if you are not a member yet, please feel free to come for the companionship and food. You might consider contributing some food that you particularly like to eat and share it with us. By the way, there is an exciting raffle taking place as well and the winner will be drawn at that meeting. If you want to take a chance on winning a spiritual reading, we have two. There is also a beautiful original watercolor signed and numbered by the artist, Rev Leonard Justinian as well.

Pastor's Corner -- Sep 4, 2013

Dear CCWH family and friends,

I am pleased to introduce myself as the new pastor of the Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing. I was unanimously elected by the Board of Directors on Jan. 12, 2013, and will hold this position for the next 3 years. I am grateful to Rev. Gloria Cousar, my predecessor who steadfastly served as pastor for the last 6 years.

Many of you have known me for some time, as I have been involved in CCWH from around the time of its inception. For those who are newer to the organization, I have written a little about myself below.

A bit of background:

I met Rev. Michelle Lusson, the founder of CCWH, in 1970. Over the years, she became my friend as well as my spiritual advisor and teacher. I traveled to the West Coast for a 4-year period in the 1970s, during which I had the opportunity to study with her twin sister Dottie, who had developed a system of counseling using color as the nonverbal tool of communication. Shortly after returning to the DC area in 1979, I reconnected with Michelle and joined this amazing spiritual community, which she had begun in 1977. I was ordained as a CCWH minister by Rev. Lusson in 1991.

As a registered nurse, I have always been involved in many forms of healing work in the course of helping my patients. It was rewarding to combine standard medical methods with several nontraditional forms of healing that I studied. Now retired from my role as clinical research nurse, I have continued in my ministerial role and have served over the years in CCWH as spiritual counselor, teacher, a hands-on healer, and board member.

Now to the present:

This year, with the help of the Board of Directors and all our volunteers at CCWH, a Light Fair will be held. There will also be a new series of spiritual classes and I plan to expand our healing mission.

Chapel services will continue to be held twice a month at the Reston Community Center at Hunters Woods. The CCWH tradition of rotating chapel service topics on three foundational areas; healing, teaching and seer (or psychic) will begin with the March schedule. The teaching covers a wide variety of topics on universal awareness while the seer or psychic sermon will usually be in the form of a Message service. In our healing circle, our ministers or other qualified healers give and receive healing by different modalities such as Reiki, Biogenesis, Magnified Healing, and others as available. All are welcome at our nondenominational gatherings, and I look forward to sharing the joyous light with you.

This is an excellent time to reconnect with the excitement of your first spiritual awakening when you realized that there was more to your life than a physical routine existence. Now that humanity has entered into a “new calendar” of the planet’s life cycle, it brings with it new energies, new information, and exciting new technologies. This is a time of accelerated spiritual growth for those who will choose that path. It is more important than ever to stay involved with like-minded souls who will help each other along the way. CCWH endeavors to provide that platform for you. Please join us on the adventure!


Rev. Mary Huber, pastor

March 10, 2013